Adversarial Infrastructure

On November 25, 2018, ten Russian coast guard vessels attacked three Ukrainian ships as they were entering the Azov Sea. Local residents heard the incoming military aircraft just as the voice of Russian state hysteria reached citizens across the country. This attack was the first official act of Russian military aggression against Ukraine since the start of the war in 2014 when Russia used proxy militaries to seize a vast swath of land in Crimea and East Ukraine, while denying its military presence in the area. Twenty-four Ukrainian sailors were captured and prosecuted for making their regular journey back to the port of Mariupol, giving rise to wild speculations about the geopolitical reasons for their detainment. My investigation does not speculate further on the logic of Russian imperialism. Instead, I argue that the crux of the conflict is the Crimean Bridge, a project of colonial infrastructure overlooked in mainstream accounts of the event.