(b. 1994, Kostroma, Russia) is a media artist, researcher, and writer based in London. Anna’s recent projects include Machinic Infrastructures of Truth (2020), an inquiry into the production of algorithmic surveillance, commissioned by GARAGE Museum of Contemporary Art and presented at transmediale, Berlin; Adversarial Infrastructure (2019), an investigation of how the Russian Crimean Bridge functions according to principles of adversarial machine learning. 



- Situated Deepfakes (LOA Gallery, London, 21/03/2020) is now online: Link

- Special project in collaboration with AUDINT (Deptford Moving Image Festival, London, 5-24/07/2020): Link

- Public talk with Diann Bauer on the future of xenotemporality (Strelka Institute, Moscow, 30/07/2020): TBA