Machinic Infrastructures of Truth

Adversarial Infrastructure

Colonial Sediments

Protocols of Immanent Conflict

Caring for the Shaky Ground



- Circuits of Truth (2021), an inquiry into the blue verification marks as an interface of polarised information loops, spinning between enclosed binaries of ‘true’ and ‘fake’. 

Adversarial Infrastructure (2020), an investigation into the volumetric history of the Crimean annexation that employs deepfake technology to assemble the new image of logistical infrastructures as a type of hybrid warfare.



- ‘Electronic Terraforming: the Construction of Hostile Cyberspace’ book chapter in ‘Cyberwar Topologies: In Struggle for a post-American Internet’ ed. by S. Matviyenko and K. Hilstob.

- ‘Death under Logistical Computation: Soviet Cybernetics and Reconnaissance’ book chapter in ‘Recursive Colonialism, Artificial Intelligence and Speculative Computation’ ed. by The Critical Computation Bureau.