Machinic Infrastructures of Truth

Adversarial Infrastructure

Colonial Sediments

Protocols of Immanent Conflict

Caring for the Shaky Ground



- Machinic Infrastructures of Truth (2021), an inquiry into the manufacturing of algorithmic surveillance through the systems of online-rating. 

Adversarial Infrastructure (2020), an investigation into the volumetric history of the Crimean annexation that employs deepfake technology as a research method, aiming to assemble the new image of logistical infrastructures as a type of hybrid warfare.



- ‘Electronic Terraforming: the Construction of Hostile Cyberspace’ book chapter in ‘Cyberwar Topologies: In Struggle for a post-American Internet’ ed. by S. Matviyenko and K. Hilstob.

- ‘Death under Logistical Computation: Soviet Cybernetics and Reconnaissance’ book chapter in ‘Recursive Colonialism, Artificial Intelligence and Speculative Computation’ ed. by The Critical Computation Bureau.