Circuits of Truth

Lecture as a part of the Digital Arts, a third-year undergraduate unit offered at the University of Sydney; School of Literature, Art and Media; Department of Media and Communications. 09.2021

Reputation Volatility: the political economy of cyberwar

Anna Engelhardt invites Rosamond to elaborate on the key economic principles of cyberwar in general and reputation warfare in particular.

Digital Workers’ Conference

Co-organised with Sara Culmann and eeefff group at Garage Museum of Contemporary art. 19-21.03.2021
Full conference page

Couriers Are Never Late: Racialised Algorithms of Russian Logistics

Recursive Colonialism, Artificial Intelligence & Speculative Computation Symposium. 11/2020

Solidarity, History, Resistance

Symposium organised in commemoration of the genocide against Crimean Tatars. Centre of Contemporary Art ‘Typorgaphy’. 18.05.2021. Link

Spectral Volumes of Russian Cyber Warfare

Paper presented at Digital Democracies Institute. 28.04.2021. Link

Caring for the Shaky Ground: Colonial ‘Weather’ and Decolonial ‘Weathering’ in the Crimean Peninsula 

Paper presented at “Violence, Aesthetics, Anthropocenes: Colonialism, Racism, Extractivism”. LSE, 01.04.2021

Postcolonial Knowledge and Art

A free course given as a part of DCC for ‘Educational Environment’. 10/2020 - 12/2020: Link

Looking from where? Decolonial Image Production

Lecture given as a part of DCC for Moscow International Experimental Film Festival. Moscow, Russia, 10/2020

Volumetric Spectrums of Russian Cyber Warfare

Conference ‘Conceptualizing a ‘Post-American’ Internet: Technology, Governance, and Geopolitics.’ Zhejiang, China, 10/2020

Xenotemporality: Unnatural Time

Public talk with Diann Bauer. Strelka Institute. Moscow,  Russia, 08.2020

Situated Deepfakes Workshop

LOA Gallery (London, UK). 03/2020