Couriers Are Never Late: Racialised Algorithms of Russian Logistics

Recursive Colonialism, Artificial Intelligence & Speculative Computation Symposium. 11/2020

Postcolonial Knowledge and Art

A free course given as a part of DCC for ‘Educational Environment’. 10/2020 - 12/2020: Link

Looking from where? Decolonial Image Production

Lecture given as a part of DCC for Moscow International Experimental Film Festival. Moscow, Russia, 10/2020

Volumetric Spectrums of Russian Cyber Warfare

Conference ‘Conceptualizing a ‘Post-American’ Internet: Technology, Governance, and Geopolitics.’ Zhejiang, China, 10/2020

Xenotemporality: Unnatural Time

Public talk with Diann Bauer. Strelka Institute. Moscow,  Russia, 08.2020

Situated Deepfakes Workshop

LOA Gallery (London, UK). 03/2020