Intermodal Terminal

Intermodal terminals are transitional spaces of logistics. In these spaces, a container is situated neither here nor there: neither in the place of dispatch nor in the destination point. This logistical condition of being 'neither here nor there' continues to characterise the logic of colonial capitalism, from the transatlantic slave trade to the present-day situation in the Far East of Russia on the Atlantic coast.

The entry point for this platform is the intermodal terminal in Nakhodka, a port city in Primorsky Krai. The video Colonial Sediments investigates it as a case of colonial violence and decolonial resistance.

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lnternatioanl Videoart Festival 'Videoforma VIII' (St Petersburg, Russia), 12/2020; VII Moscow International Biennale for Young Art (Moscow, Russia), 09/2020; SOFT SOIL 11/11 nGbK (Berlin, Germanld), 08/2020; Private Links #2, Budka (Tbilisi, Georgia), 03/2020; ISSMAG Gallery (Moscow, Russia) 11/2019.