Machinic Infrastructures of Truth

Adversarial Infrastructure

Colonial Sediments

Protocols of Immanent Conflict

Caring for the Shaky Ground



Machinic Infrastructures of Truth

In today’s saturated cyberscape of post-truth politics, social media platforms use blue verification marks as guarantees of authentic content, supposedly to help users discriminate within the binary rating system of ‘true’ and ‘fake’. These verification systems are an entry point that allows me to reverse engineer the mechanics of how content becomes deemed ‘fake’. To investigate the fluid identity of what is considered fake, I map the ‘Machinic Infrastructures of Truth’ (M.I.T.) the term I use to define the back-end of verification systems powered by interconnected automated trackers.

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'Rainbows End' exhibition, curated by HERVISIONS (Utrecht, Netherlands), 03/2021; 'Garage Digital' exhibition, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (Moscow, Russia), 02/2021; 'Adversarial Hacking' Symposium, Transmediale (Berlin, Germany), 12/2020.