Machinic Infrastructures of Truth

How would it be possible to deconstruct the system of truth production that is being enacted today? On one hand, contemporary political regimes exist in a post-truth media landscape, where statistical, rhetorical, and ethical tactics are employed to claim an absolute notion of the ‘truth’. On the other hand, these regimes draw from increasingly sophisticated systems of algorithmic surveillance to make the decision-making process beyond doubt. My current research traces how the state and private enterprise create a monopoly on the infrastructure of algorithmic truth production. By reverse-engineering digital surveillance and deep learning techniques, I explore how this system monopolises the notion of ‘truth’ in order to weaponise data against potential adversaries.

Commissioned by GARAGE Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia (Upcoming 10/2020). GARAGE.Digital announcement: Link
The Calvert Journal feature: Link
Presentation at transmediale 2020, Berlin, Germany: Link