Aişe Seitmuratova, one of the delegates who condemned the Soviet policy concerning Crimean Tatars during the meeting with Stroganov, was the head of the reception office of the CPSU Central Committee. “In reply to Stroganov's question about who in particular is insulting Crimean Tatars, Aişe Seitmuratova replied: 'First, there is the order of the State Defence Committee from May 11, enacting the deportation of Crimean Tatars, and second – what kind of names do you need? We are insulted by the Soviet regime itself.'” She also represented Tatars at a meeting with Andropov, as a result of which the Crimean Tatar people were cleared of charges, and furthermore attempted to turn Crimean Tatar rights into an item on the international agenda, giving talks in London, Paris, Kuala-Lumpur, Vienna and Madrid.

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