A speech made by Lilya Gemeci, a lawyer, during the appeal hearings in the case of Hizb-ut-Tahrir on July 11, 2019, rang as follows: “... Today, you are responsible as to whether and to what extent Russian Federation will be governed by the rule of law. You are responsible as to what kind of society your children and your grandchildren will live in, as well as how the seven children of Enver Mamutov, four children of Rustem Albitarov, two children of Remzi Mametov and four children of Zebri Abesitov will feel. You are solely responsible for whether and to what extent will those children believe in the justice of Russian courts. You are solely responsible as to what extent those children, those families and the entire Crimean Tatar people will believe in justice. Taking into account that there has not been a single piece of evidence in favour of my client's guilt, I ask that the decision of the North Caucasus military court be overruled and my client acquitted”.

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