Futures instead of world-ends.
On feminist, queer and decolonial futures
August, 2020.
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Caring for the Shaky Ground
April, 4. 2020. 
Politics of care infrastructures
April, 19. 2020
Seminar, expanding the project 
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Alien processes: reproduction and time
February, 1. 2020
The New Centre for Research and Practice.
The New School. New York
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Intermodal Terminal 
November, 2019
Presented at the 7th Moscow Biennale for Young Art,
Budka  (Tbilisi), ISSMAG Gallery (Moscow), D’Est (Berlin)
Featured by The Calvert Journal


The course discusses the futures of those, for whom, in Sun Ra words, it is already “after the end of the world (don’t you know that yet?”. Focusing on philosophical and art projects, the course discusses art and philosophy’s ability to imagine otherwise.
Comissioned by “Utopian kruzhok” initiative

This project analyses the Crimean Tatars’ decolonial solidarity, their resistance against colonial violence, and their relation to land  and water through irrigation systems in Crimea. The platform accounts for the multiple ways in which the indigenous Crimean Tatars have resisted the twin shadows of colonial actions, which have been imposed from both Russia and the West.
Commissioned by GARAGE Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia and Rosa House of Culture, St Petersburg, Russia.
Exhibited as a part of the VII Moscow International Biennale For Young Art

The symposium raised following questions: how do we take care not to reproduce the current conditions, but to transform them? What would such reproductive technologies mean for the practice of care as an alien act? How does this conception of the alien emerge and evolve as a new form of time? 
Keynote speakers:
Reza Negarestani
Irina Aristarkhova

“Intermodal Terminal” platform seeks to interrogate colonial logistics of the Post-Soviet space. Logistical chains are arteries that facilitate the flow of capital and state violence. The entry point for the platform is the intermodal terminal in Nakhodka, a port city in Primorsky Krai. “Colonial sediments” video investigates it as one of the cases of colonial violence and decolonial resistance.