Sasha Shestakova

is a researcher from Russia, approaching art and infrastructures of the heterogenous post-soviet space from a decolonial perspective. In their Phd project they address the temporal dimensions of Russian and Soviet colonialism, looking at its art histories. Their practice revolves around crafting texts and maintaining digital infrastructures.

With Anna Engelhardt, Sasha is a co-founder of the Distributed Cognition Cooperative. By exploring the relationship between material bodies and abstract machines, DCC aims to disentangle post-Soviet space from the notion that it is a single unified zone instead of a heterogeneous range of socio-economic histories and cultures. Their projects include Intermodal Terminal, a collaborative web platform investigating the colonial logistics of post-Soviet space through the intermodal terminal in Nakhodka, a port city on the Pacific coast of Russia; Caring for the Shaky Ground, a diagrammatic essay that explores the cognitive mapping of (de)colonial irrigation infrastructures in Crimea.