The fight against the Soviet regime for the right of return has taken, among others, the form of the most large-scale protest undertaken on the Red Square in the entire history of the Soviet Union (three demonstrations took place: the first numbered around 120 people, the second number around 600 people and took the form of a sit-in lasting several hours and the third, also taking the form of a sit-in, lasted twenty-seven hours and numbered 800 people) . It took place in 1987, with activists carrying banners, among them the “Homeland or Death” poster by Bekir Umerov. This protest, among others, has forced the Soviet government to accept, in 1989, a declaration, acknowledging the repressive acts “against peoples subjected to forced relocation” to be illegal and criminal, which granted the Crimean Tataras the possibility to return to their homeland (link to section “protests”)

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