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Adversarial Infrastructure

Colonial Sediments

Protocols of Immanent Conflict

Caring for the Shaky Ground


Caring For the Shaky Ground

Post-Soviet space is characterised by vertigo – the condition of perpetual instability for those who remain affected by colonial violence. This vertigo is materialized in forces within the soil, which is destabilised by Russian colonialism and nourished by decolonial resistance. This project analyses the Crimean Tatars’ decolonial solidarity, their resistance against colonial violence, and their relation to the earth through irrigation systems in Crimea. The platform accounts for the multiple ways in which the indigenous Crimean Tatars have resisted the twin shadows of colonial actions, which have been imposed from both Russia and the West.

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Kajet Journal №5 "On Futures" (Bucharest, Romania), 04/2021; VII Moscow International Biennale for Young Art (Moscow, Russia), 2020; School of Engaged Art (St Petersburg, Russia), 04/2020; commisioned for the 2nd Garage Triennial of Russian Contemporarld Ar (Moscow, Russia), 2020.